About us

Founded in 2005 by the Civil Society Organizations, Rwenzori Information Centres Network (RIC-NET) is a community owned information sharing and ICTD network. RIC-NET is an NGO (S. 5914/11258) under NGO Act and incorporated as Company by guarantee (Reg.85565) under section 16(1) of company Act.

RIC-NET is membership NGOs of community information centres and District e-society centres, and is a member and works closely to other National CSOs Networks e.g.  DENIVA, Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF) and Citizens Election Watch-IT (CEW-IT), Agro-profocus, I-Network and Plantwise Uganda.

Name Rwenzori Information Centre Network  (RIC-NET)
Address P.O. Box 916, Fort Portal
Office location; Butangwa-Butebe road, Fort Portal, Kabarole District.
Telephone +256  382  277 994+256  772  607 149
Email info@ricnet.co.ug
Website www.ricnet.co.ug

Our Philosophy

The Network cherishes a holistic approach to development that recognizes the provision of information as an essential element to the transformation people’s productivity, social, political and economic spheres. The network cherishes the promotion using ICT tools in rural areas to bridge the digital divide and enable voicing the silence, enhance civic competences and engagement geared to good governance and social inclusion.  We believe participatory democracy and governance is critical in delivering actions towards sustained poverty eradication and guaranteeing a culture of respecting human rights.


Informed and Active Citizens in a Democratic Society


Empowering citizens to access and use information for Civic engagement and wealth creation

Our Core Values

Transparency and accountability is at the centre of all our transactions; Team work is basic to the achievement of a positive and lasting change; Voluntarism is a prerequisite to development; Professionalism and due care in doing work is basic to community custodianship; Responsibility for our decision and action centre to openness to learning; Commitment to work and relationships is core to our diversity and cross-cultural;            Respect for human dignity, legal process and justice is our virtue; Receptive in view of innovation and creativity generated by shared endeavour;  Gender sensitivity and equity enables every one exercise his or her full potential.


RIC-NET is best focused on providing ICT solutions, offering specialized trainings and convergence of various platforms and Media.

The niche is  the  praxis of enabling citizens to timely access relevant information, creating feedback and engangement mechnaism with stakeholders/ authorities.  RIC-NET combines traditional media with ICT to promote an information society without exclusion. Using open data, ICT and Media to amplify people’s agenda, RIC-NET empowers them to tell their own story, engage with leaders, influence decision making and equitable resource sharing  to eradicate poverty.

In practice, we converge varoius information and knowledge sharings models to “Empower,  Engange and Eradicate Poverty”, and  “Unlocking peoples’ Ponteatials-Voicing the Silcence”.


RIC-NET has a 7 member Board of Directors and Secretariat headed by the Executive Directors.

Board of Directors

  1. Ms. Kabaikya Agnes                                      Chairperson
  2. Rev. Mucunguzi Isaiah                                 Treasurer
  3. Rev Kalyebara Stephen                                Secretary Board.
  4. Mr. Bahati Azoli                                             Member
  5. Ms. Kiiza Joy                                                  Member
  6. Mr. Kwesiga Enock                                      Member
  7. Ms. Kabugho Scovia                                     member

Management staff

Mr. Murugahara John Silco                                  Executive Director

Mr. Rwaheeru Geoffrey                                        Finance Officer

Mr. Kaliba Charles                                              Programme officer

Ms. Kenyana Evelyn                                            Programme officer

Ms. Betina Mustuba                                            Internal Auditor

project Staff

Ms Tumwebaze Night Janet                               Administrator

Ms. Kabugho Robinah                                       Information Officer

Ms. Mukasine Betty                                          ICT officer

Mr. Bahihohya Edson                                       STEM class Facilitator

Non project staff

Ms. Mubunga Gloria                                 Receptionist

Mr. Shabani    Kutusabe                            Security Assistant

Ms. Kayesu   Margret                                  staff office welfare and cleaner


The auditors are BFCC, recently re-named as  BFKK ASSOCIATES.