Semuliki Information Centre (SIC)

Semuliki Information Center was established in February 2008 after RIC-NET conducted several sensitization meetings in Bundibugyo. Some NGOs and CBOs in Bundibugyo decided to join hands to start the information center.

Location of SIC Office

The office is located on Nyahuka, Bundibugyo road opposite Bundibugyo District Local Government Administration block at Biira Jolly’s building. The center operates in Bughendera and Bwamba counties.

It has two (2) commited volunteers; information officer and secretary.

Semuliki Information center Executive members, staff and Nick Herwood of Mountains of the moon at the center offices


SIC Vision

A rural community accessed with information through the use of ICT for sustainable development.

SIC Mission:

To generate, share and disseminate information that is vital to the development of the rural communities.

Objectives of SIC

  • To facilitate delivery of timely and appropriate information & skills to the information points in rural villages.
  • To offer information points with technical expertise and training facilities
  • To enhance the marginalized groups involvement in the development process through information sharing and exchanges.
  • To enhance community initiatives for information, skills and technologies sharing and exchanges.
  • To fundraise and acquire property for the purpose of fulfilling the aims and objectives of SIC.
  • To carry out any other lawful and gainful activities as shall be deemed necessary  for the purpose of fulfilling the objectives of SIC


  • Registered with Bundibugyo District Local Government
  • SIC has 32 full registered member organizations with over 300 farmers of which 85% are women
  • Good networking with it’s partners both at local and regional levels
  • Daily operatonal secretarial work
  • Executive committee members elected
  • Training materials on HIV and AIDS, hygiene and sanitation, malaria, Agriculture livelihood and on food security received from SIC members, RIC-NET, SATNET and KRC
  • 8 computers, printer, a telephone and photocopier from RIC-NET
  • Some furniture at the centre.

Some Activities done

  • We are providing Information/technical advice to the community of our area of Bughendera and Bwamba counties.
  • Training some members in basic computer skills (computer Applications)
  • Training farmers on how to improve food  security at household level

Planned Activities

  • To provide secretarial services as income generating activity at SIC
  • Promote the formation of sub county and parish information centers and village info points
  • Capacity building by providing of development information to staff, executive and farmers
  • Carry out a needs assessment in our area of work
  • Training in basic skills in computer applications

We shall always quote a Chinese proverb,

If you give fish to a hungry man, he will come back for more when he is hungry, but teach him how to fish and you have fed him and his family for the rest of his life”.