Our Theory of Change

We assert that the structural causes of poverty, social exclusion and their manifestations requires responses that go beyond economic and material deprivation to include a change in attitudes, behaviors, values, practices, policies and processes.

We envisage that Poverty, Social exclusion and bad governance can be eradicated when people living in poverty or those socially excluded are supported to access information, discover and use their power and knowledge individually or collectively to confront power relations that perpetuate margnilisation, injustice, vulnerability, and expand space for civic engagement in decisions that affect them.

Timely accessing and sharing of relevant information enhance citizens’ civic competence, mobilisation, rights awareness and exposes injustices thus generating pressure on leaders to be duty-bound, shift attitudes and behaviors, become more inclusive, open minded and committed to active citizens participation, gender equality, respect for human rights, better service delivery, poverty reduction and improved livelihood.