Website Design

We are the personalized and friendly experts in the region on secure and affordable domain name registration, website design and hosting. We have accounts with Hostigator, Go Daddy, CFI, Jolis etc which enable us to give you the lowest price  unbeatable prices for unlimited  hosting  services  suitable for NGOs/CBOs, small businesses and startups and large corporations.

We designed and are hosting over 27 local government websites for the last 7 years now, and over 30 websites, e-libraries, platforms e.g.   and  for NGOs, institutions and business.

Our staffs are experienced working effectively in multinational teams developing software through the different phases of the software development life cycle such as waterfall and agile scrum.

Languages: Java, C#, PHP, Python  Web: JSP,  CSS, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, WordPress, Joomla,  Ushahidi   Web App Servers: Tomcat, GlassFish, JBoss, Apache  Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Struts,  ASP MVC  Databases: Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, SQLite, Oracle    Mobile: Android, iOS, J2ME     Platforms:  Windows, Mac OS and LINUX

We can assure you of 99% support and 24/7 hosting support. Website back up on request can also be done.

Details of domain renewal and registration and website design