Who we are

RIC-NET is development and advocacy Organisation dedicated to working with grassroots communities to overcome poverty, bad governance and injustice.

RIC-NET has membership organisation of 15 Rural information centres / e-society centres in Rwenzori region. Founded in 2005 by the Civil Society Organizations, RIC-NET is a community owned Organisation registered as an NGO (S. 5914/11258) under NGO Act and incorporated as Company limited by guarantee (Reg.85565).  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RwN9d5SeiU

RIC-NET is an active member and partner to most regional and national NGOs Networks such as: RWECO, DENIVA, Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF), Agro-profocus, U-report and Plantwise Uganda.


Informed and active citizens in a democratic society


Building peoples’ capacity and facilitating partnerships for sustainable community development.

Our Core Values

Respect for human dignity, justice and equity is our virtue;

Professionalism and due care in doing work is basic to community custodianship;

Transparency and accountability is at the centre of all our transactions;

Team work is basic to the achievement of a positive and lasting change;

Voluntarism is a prerequisite to development;

Responsibility for our decision and action centre to openness to learning;

Commitment to work and relationships is core to our diversity and cross-cultural;

Receptive in view of innovation, learning and creativity generated by shared endeavour;

Gender sensitivity and social inclusion enables every one exercise his or her full potential.