Child Rights and Protection.

A thriving society values all children, especially the most vulnerable, and upholds their human rights.

Child Dignity and Rights

Children are born with the same dignity, citizenship and rights as adults. We focus on the progressive fulfillment of those rights. RIC-NET in collaboration with partners seeks to advance the dignity vulnerable children and adolescents.

Children and Family Poverty

Children experience poverty differently than adults do because of their vulnerability and lack of legal and economic status in society. Children are especially vulnerable to shocks, trauma and poverty.  The children status in all aspects of their lives reflects the overall health and development of the family, community and society they live in.

In most of the communities where we work, the important person in children lives -parents and caregivers (particularly women) – are often disempowered poor and illiterate, thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty; it’s this we hope to transform.


Child protection

We are committed to creating protective environment for children and adolescents. Building a community where children are safe from harm and grieving with and seeking justice, and restoration for those who have experienced it.

Disability Inclusion and Equity

Disability awareness, advocacy and inclusion begin with a respect for human equality, equity and diversity. RIC-NET focuses on full, equal, equitable and meaningful participation of children and adults with disabilities in all spheres of society.

We contribute to transformation of community and the world that is kind, just and accessible for everyone by enabling and ensuring inclusive development that minimizes the risk of persons with disabilities.