Kamwenge Community Information Center(KACOICE)

Kamwenge community information centre (KACOICE) is a community based organization apex in Kamwenge District formed by 24 member organization (N.G.Os) and private sector ( JUA KALI ) formed on the 4th Nov 2005 since its inception on 25th March 2005.

The information center office is located in Kamwenge town.

Unitive informative, voluntarism and accommodative.

organizational: a trusted information organization.

An empowered informed society.

To collect disseminate and share information for social economical, environmental and cultural advancement progression and development

Target Beneficiaries
K.A.C.O.I.CE is a community based organization co-sensitizing member organizations and communities of diverse experiences to be human to each other and to nature.

Program areas
Promoting environmentally friendly activities.

Citizen Partnership
Promoting citizen participation to improve U.P.E performance.


  1. To share appropriate information so as to transform Kamwenge district into a society of empowered families morally, technically and financially.
  2. To research and share knowledge and information.
  3. To improve on gender inequalities and create a plate form where voices of women, youth, elderly and disabled can be heard.
  4. To promote awareness of national resource assets in the district for poverty reduction
  5. To create co-ordination and networking with different sectors and agencies in line with K.A.C.O.I.C.E’S vision mission and objective.
  6. To uphold the highest standards of business and human ethics.

Promoting peace and basic freedom rights in society.

K.A.C.O.I.CE Structure
The general assembly is the owner of the organization and the executive committee is the decision implementer through the secretarial in Kamwenge.